Goodman Blower Motor B1340020S

Mfg. Model #: B1340020S


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Quick Specs

  • 5.1 amp;. 3-Speed Blower Motor
  • H.P.1/2 Voltage: 115
  • 5 5/8" in diameter
  • Requires 10uf 370VAC Capacitor (not included)

Replacement Info:

Part B1340020S replaces B1340020, B1340020, B13400-20, 5KCP39KGT785S, CARB1340020

Used in the following models:

GUN/GUS (75-100), GMP (75-125-3), GDT (090-120), GMNT080-4, GMNT100-4, GMT070-4A, GMT090-4A, GMT090-5A, GMT115-5A, GMTH045-3, GD100-4, GDE080-4, GDI100-4, GDT090-4A, GDT115-5A, GDX080-4, GMN080-4, GMN100-4, GMP(075-100-125-4), , GMPH050-3, GMPN(080,100)-4, GMTH045-3A, GPD(100,125-4), GSM(080,100-4), GSMS(80,100-4), GSU(080-1000-4), GUE(075-100-125-4), GUI(075100-125-4), GUN075-3B, GUN100-4B, GUS075-3, GUS100-4, GUX080-4

Product Info

  • In Stock In Stock
Blower Motor

Motor Data

  • 1/2" 1/2"

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