Goodman 0171M00000S

Goodman Draft Inducer Assembly - 0171M00000S

Mfg. Model #: 0171M00000S


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Goodman Part 0171M00000S Draft Inducer Assembly - 3000RPM 120V (Fasco #7058-2108)

Replaces the following parts:

0171M00000S Replaces 22307501, 022307501S, 171M0000S

For use the following Goodman & Amana units:

ACS90453BXA P1257001F P1257007F ACS90703BXA P1257002F P1257008F ACS90704CXA P1257003F P1257009F ACS90904CXA P1257004F P1257010F ACS90905DXA P1257005F ACS91155DXA P1257006F AMH950453BX AMH950453BXAA AMH950453BXAB AMH950453BXAC AMH950703BX AMH950703BXAA AMH950703BXAB AMH950703BXAC AMH950703BXAD AMH950704CX AMH950704CXAA AMH950704CXAB AMH950704CXAC AMH950904CX AMH950904CXAA AMH950904CXAB AMH950904CXAC AMH950904CXAD AMH950905CX AMH950905CXAA AMH950905DX AMH950905DXAA AMH950905DXAB AMH950905DXAC AMH951155DX AMH951155DXAA AMH951155DXAB AMH951155DXAC AMH951155DXAD AMS90453BXA P1256601F P1256607F AMS90703BXA P1256602F P1256608F AMS90704CXA P1256603F P1256609F AMS90904CXA P1256604F P1256610F AMS90905DXA P1256605F AMS91155DXA P1256606F AMS950453BX AMS950453BXAB AMS950453BXA AMS950453BXA AMS950703BX AMS950703BXAB AMS950703BXA AMS950703BXA AMS950704CX AMS950704CXAB AMS950704CXA AMS950704CXA AMS950904CX AMS950904CXAB AMS950904CXA AMS950904CXA AMS950905DXA AMS950905DXA AMS951155DX AMS951155DXAB AMS951155DXA AMS951155DXA DMS90453BXA P1256701F P1256707F DMS90703BXA P1256702F P1256708F DMS90704CXA P1256703F P1256709F DMS90904CXA P1256704F P1256710F DMS90905DXA P1256705F DMS91155DXA P1256706F GCH90453BX GCH90453BXAA GCH90453BXAB GCH90703BX GCH90703BXAA GCH90703BXAB GCH90704CX GCH90704CXAA GCH90704CXAB GCH90904CX GCH90904CXAA GCH90904CXAB GCH90905DX GCH90905DXAA GCH90905DXAB GCH91155DX GCH91155DXAA GCH91155DXAB GCH91155DXAC GCH950453BX GCH950453BXAA GCH950453BXAB GCH950703BX GCH950703BXAA GCH950703BXAB GCH950704CX GCH950704CXAA GCH950704CXAB GCH950904CX GCH950904CXAA GCH950904CXAB GCH950904CXAC GCH950905DX GCH950905DXAA GCH950905DXAB GCS90453BXA P1257201F P1257207F GCS90703BXA P1257202F P1257208F GCS90904CXA P1257204F P1257209F GCS91155DXA P1257206F GKS90453BX GKS90453BXAA GKS90453BXAB GKS90453BXAC GKS90453BXAD GKS90703BX GKS90703BXAA GKS90703BXAB GKS90703BXAC GKS90703BXAD GKS90703BXAE GKS90703BXAF GKS90704CX GKS90704CXAA GKS90704CXAB GKS90704CXAC GKS90704CXAD GKS90904CX GKS90904CXAA GKS90904CXAB GKS90904CXAC GKS90904CXAD GKS90904CXAE GKS90904CXAF GKS90905DX GKS90905DXAA GKS90905DXAB GKS90905DXAC GKS90905DXAD GKS91155DX GKS91155DXAA GKS91155DXAB GKS91155DXAC GKS91155DXAD GKS91155DXAE GME950403BX GME950403BXAA GME950603BX GME950603BXAA GME950805CX GME950805CXAA GME951005DX GME951005DXAA GMH950453BX GMH950453BXAA GMH950453BXAB GMH950453BXAC GMH950703BX GMH950703BXAA GMH950703BXAB GMH950703BXAC GMH950703BXAD GMH950704CX GMH950704CXAA GMH950704CXAB GMH950704CXAC GMH950904CX GMH950904CXAA GMH950904CXAB GMH950904CXAC GMH950904CXAD GMH950905CX GMH950905CXAA GMH950905DX GMH950905DXAA GMH950905DXAB GMH950905DXAC GMH951155DX GMH951155DXAA GMH951155DXAB GMH951155DXAC GMH951155DXAD GMS90453BXA P1256801F P1256807F GMS90703BXA P1256802F P1256808F GMS90904CXA P1256804F P1256809F GMS91155DXA P1256806F GMS950453BX GMS950453BXAB GMS950703BX GMS950703BXAB GMS950704CX GMS950704CXAB GMS950904CX GMS950904CXAB GMS951155DX GMS951155DXAB GUCA045AX30 P1219301F P1239301F GUCA045BX30 P1241601F GUCA045CX30 P1252601F GUCA070AX30 P1219302F P1239302F GUCA070AX40 P1219303F P1239303F GUCA070BX30 P1241602F GUCA070BX40 P1241603F GUCA070CX30 P1252602F GUCA070CX40 P1252603F GUCA090AX40 P1219304F P1239304F GUCA090AX50 P1219305F P1239305F GUCA090BX40 P1241604F GUCA090BX50 P1241605F GUCA090CX40 P1252604F GUCA090CX50 P1252605F GUCA115AX50 P1219306F P1239306F GUCA115BX50 P1241606F GUCA115CX50 P1252606F WFD195045S3B WFD195045S3BAA WFD195045S3BAB WFD195070S3B WFD195070S3BAA WFD195070S3BAB WFD195070S4C WFD195070S4CAA WFD195070S4CAB WFD195090S4C WFD195090S4CAA WFD195090S4CAB WFD195090S5D WFD195090S5DAA WFD195090S5DAB WGFM195045S3B WGFM195045S3BAB WGFM195045S3BAC WGFM195070S3B WGFM195070S3BAC WGFM195070S3BAD WGFM195070S4C WGFM195070S4CAB WGFM195070S4CAC WGFM195090S4C WGFM195090S4CAC WGFM195090S4CAD WGFM195090S5C WGFM195090S5CAA WGFM195090S5D WGFM195090S5DAB WGFM195090S5DAC WGFM195115S5D WGFM195115S5DAC WGFM195115S5DAD

Product Info

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Draft Inducer

Motor Data

1/20 HP
1 Speed
3000 RPM
115 volts

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