Ruud 4 Ton 14 SEER R410A Heat Pump Split System 13PJL48A01/RHLLHM4821JA

Mfg. Model #: 13PJL48A01/RHLLHM4821JA

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This Product Includes:

  • Installation Instructions
  • One Ruud Outdoor Unit - 13PJL48A01
  • One Ruud Indoor Unit - RHLLHM4821JA
  • Factory installed thermostatic expansion Valve (TXV)
  • Pre-charged R-410A
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  • 10-year compressor. 10-year parts warranty*


Calculate Heating and Cooling Cost:

Calculate Heating and Cooling Cost

13PJL Heat Pump Unit Details:

The 13PJL model features cooling efficiencies up to 14 SEER/12.25 EER, and heating efficiencies up to 8.2 HSPF. The higher the SEER level, the greater your energy savings will be over time. This heat pump includes an on demand defrost control. The demand defrost control monitors the outdoor ambient temperature, outdoor coil temperature, and the compressorrun-time to determine when a defrost cycle is required.

RHLL Air Handler Details:

Ruud Air Handlers combine money-saving efficiency, quiet operation, and legendary reliability to bring you total peace of mind in home comfort – year after year. Some Air Handlers cost more, some promise more – but nothing performs more reliably. It’s that simple.

The RHLL features GE's new X-13 ECM motor, which provides enhanced SEER performance with Ruud outdoor units. The X-13 motors are high efficiency motors that were developed by General Electric to help manufacturers meet the 13 SEER mandate implemented by the federal government in 2006. They are based on ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology and can contribute to increasing the overall cooling efficiency of a complete HVAC system when used as the curculating air blower motor in a furnace, air handler or packaged unit. GE refers to the X13 motor as a standard ECM motor.

This air handler is shipped with factory Intalled Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV).

13PJL-Condenser Features:

  • Factory charged with Refrigerant-410A
  • U.L listed & Certified and rated under A.R.I. Standard 240.
  • High-efficiency Copeland scroll compressor.
  • Includes factory installed low pressure control.
  • Expansion Valves with Internal Check Valve—Providesfor quieter refrigerant metering.
  • Demand Defrost Control
  • Non-Cycling Reversing Valve
  • Coils constructed with copper tubing and enhanced aluminumfins.
  • Strong, attractive cabinet—louvered design protects thecoil from damage.

RHLL-Air Handler Features:

  • RHLL feature GE’s new X-13 (ECM) motor which provides enhanced SEER performance.
  • Versatile 4-way convertible design for upflow, downflow, horizontal left and horizontal right applications.
  • Factory-installed high efficiency indoor coil.
  • Expansion valve on indoor coil provides for operation with air conditioning or heat pump using the same coil.
  • Enhanced airflow up to .7" external static pressure.
  • 1.0" foil faced insulation mechanically retained in blowercompartment for excellent thermal and sound performance.
  • Field-installed auxiliary electric heater kits provide exact heat for indoor comfort. Kits include circuit breakers which meet UL and cUL requirements for service disconnect.

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Product Info

  • In Stock In Stock
Split Heat Pumps

Refrigeration System

  • Scroll Scroll
  • 410-A 410-A

Electrical Ratings

  • Electric Electric
  • Yes Yes
208 / 230 V. 1 Phase 60 Hz

Manufacturer Warranty

  • 10 Years 10 Years
  • 10-year on compressor 10-year on compressor

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